Could you lead the next generation?

Could you spare a few hours a week to help support your local air cadet unit?

We’re looking for adult volunteers aged 20+ to jump in and get involved.

As an Air Cadet volunteer, you’ll…

Our cadets get to do some amazing things, but it’s all thanks to the volunteers who make it happen.

Our organisation wouldn’t be what it is without the hundreds of adult staff who make it all tick. From organising activities to supervising the cadets, instructing them in new skills and more, the Royal Air Force Air Cadets relies on our volunteers giving whatever time they can to inspire the next generation.

The cadets aren’t the only ones jumping in the deep end. Many of our staff get to complete the same amazing experiences as our cadets.

Whether it’s throwing yourself out of a plane during a parachuting course, taking aim with the latest rifle and becoming a marksman, or kayaking down river rapids, our adult volunteers get to create as many unforgettable moments as our cadets.

From first aid to mountain biking, kayaking to shooting coach, there’s loads you’ll have the opportunity to gain.

All our volunteers get the chance to earn themselves nationally recognised qualifications and new skills. These could include gaining your First Aid at Work, completing Masters level leadership courses at internationally recognised centres, becoming an expert instructor in a specialist field such as adventure training or shooting, completing personal development courses and so much more. What’s more, many of these courses are either free of charge or at a greatly subsidised cost, in fact, you could even be paid to attend!

You’ll start as a civilian instructor, but you’ll soon have the opportunity to become an Officer or NCO in the RAFAC.

All our staff start life as a Civilian Instructor, giving whatever time they can to help lead and instruct our cadets. However, for those who can give a bit more time or want to do something slightly different, there are plenty of opportunities to get into uniform.

Adult NCOs such as Sergeants, Flight Sergeants and Warrant Officers provide on the ground leadership to a range of activities, as well as managing a unit’s drill, discipline, uniform standards and cadet deportment.

For Officers, you’ll help plan activities, give strategic direction to cadets and a volunteer staff team, and ultimately lead your own squadron, whether than be of 20 cadets or 100. There are also opportunities to move into more senior leadership positions helping manage subject areas across whole regions of the country.

Uniformed staff give a greater commitment of their time and have to go through a selection process (which varies depending on your pathway) but in return you’ll receive world-class training from the Royal Air Force as well as a volunteer allowance for certain activities, dependant on rank.

As you’ll expect, we take the safety of our members as a paramount concern.

Every adult volunteer (and cadet over 18) is subject to an Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check, reference check and Ministry of Defence vetting check to ensure they’re eligible to work with young people. You’ll also go through an initial induction package that not only gets you up to speed on how we work, but also gives you the basic skills to manage young people and help protect their wellbeing.

So what are you waiting for?

If you’re starting to think ‘this could be for me’, then don’t hesitate, get in touch! We know you’ll have loads of questions and won’t want to commit straight away, but just complete the form to the right and a member of our team will be in touch to arrange a visit to your local unit, explain more about the RAF Air Cadets and if you’re up the challenge and adventure, start your Air Cadet Adult Volunteer career.

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    I’ve had so many great experiences, and the Air Cadets has really helped me progress in my career.

    Flt Lt Jarrod Williams, Officer

    I’ve seen so many things, it’s been fantastic. I even went to South Africa on Expedition last year, it was amazing.

    CWO James Clarke, Cadet